IR Pass Filter

There is a hidden and surreal world right in front of our eyes. STC engineered three types of IR Filters for creators seeking to create a unique look:

  • Standard IR Filter (720nm): this is great for producing false color images and black and white contrast.  
  • Deep Black and White (850nm): this is perfect for dramatic black and white IR. The filter makes it easier to produce high contrast images with bright whites and deep blacks. 
  • Ultra Color filter (590nm): By allowing additional visible light frequencies in, this filter produces the most vibrant colors and rich grays resulting in golden yellow leaves and bright blue skies. 


  • Super slim 5mm shock-absorbent aluminum rim reduces vignetting with a wide-angle lens.
  • Everyone hates jammed-up filters. Aluminum rim treated with Teflon and black matte finish making it non-slip and easy to remove. 
  • Double-sided anti-smudge nanocoating stops moisture.
  • Antistatic coating keeps dust and fibers away.
  • Fits lens caps of all makes.
  • Covered by the world’s first warranty and repair service for filters.
  • We sell lens filters and clip filters for the following brands

    Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, Black Magic and Z Cam-E2.

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