Tips for first time Astrophotographers

STC Astro Multispectra Filter

Astro Multispectra Filter / Ming Ho Photography

Are you new to astrophotography? This primer is for you. 

As you can imagine there are a bunch of us at STC are astrophotographers. We design our products to save time, money while solving specific problems through clever engineering. Light pollution is the biggest problem for astrophotography today. Without dark skies, it's hard to see the Milky Way with our own eyes.  So, STC designed three Astro filters to give you a range of creative options:


Light Pollution Filters STC


What makes each filter so powerful is coatings designed to block out specific frequencies of light pollution and still enhance the sharpness and contrast of deep sky objects . Each filter is tuned for different Bortle Scale conditions

What does it practically mean for you? 

If you want to shoot the Milky Way in a suburban location, try our Nightscape and Multispectra filter. You should be able to capture both the Milky Way and foreground interest to help frame your image or time-lapse well. If you want to shoot a deep sky object from an urban area, we highly recommend our Dual-Multiband filter. The coating we engineered for our Dual-Multiband filters helps produce high-contrast natural-color images of nebulae.  

STC Astro Multispectra FilterSTC Astro Nightscape Filter
Astro Duo-Narrowband Filter STCAstro Filter

You can be assured that all three are made from high-quality, durable Schott optical glass that we grind to perfection to ensure the sharpest image even with an 8Kor large format camera. Our Ultra Layer coatings make our lenses hydrophobic, fingerprint resistant, and chemical, strengthening the glass. It ensures that our filters are easy to maintain and will last years of use. 

Astro Multispectra Clip Filter / Olympus EM1 II & M.8mm F1.8 / Fys Tsu

One last note, driving hours out of town to a dark sky location isn’t possible for many of us. We also realize it is a source of social inequity. Part of the reason why there aren’t more physicists and astronomers because there is a generation of urban kids who can’t see the night sky due to light pollution. That’s just wrong. So the team at STC is glad that we can create products that can help schools and universities inspire a new generation of engineers, scientists, and artists.  

Astro Duo-Narrowband Clip Filter / PENTAX K1 (No modified) / Xu Zhang Yang