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Does your UV filter product really work? We've packed a handy STC UV test card in the box!

anti UV test card STC Place the text card BENEATH whatever UV blocking product (sunglasses, UV filter, etc) out in the sun for 2-3 minutes. The color of our UV test card will change from white to orange in the presence of UV light.  Watch the video below!

Clip Filter Series Instructions

 for Canon APS-C
 for Canon Full-Frame
 for Nikon APS-C
 Tolerance adjustment for Nikon APS-C
 for Nikon Full-Frame
 for Sony APS-C
 for Sony Full-Frame
( a7C, a7, a7II, a7III, a7R, a7RII, a7RIII, a7S, a7SII, a9 ) 
 for Sony Full-Frame
( A7 IV, A1, a7R IV, a9 II, a7SIII and FX3 ) 
 for Fujifilm X system ( APS-C )
 for Olympus M43 series
 for Panasonic M43 series
 for PENTAX series

Interchangeable Clip Filter Series Instructions

 for Canon EOS R series
 for Nikon Z series
 for Fujifilm GFX system
 How to exchange the interchangeable clip filter glass

Screw-in Lens Adapter & Hood Adapter

 Screw-in Lens Adapter for Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 Instructions
 Screw-in Lens Adapter for Panasonic 7-14mm F4 Instructions

Underwater Filter Instructions

Underwater filter Instructions
 Instructions for water resistant parts

Hand Grip

 8cm Side Plate