PURE Hybrid circular polarizer (CPL) filter

STC is launching our 2nd generation PURE Hybrid CPL Filter in 2023 featuring a new true-color technology.  Inheriting the advantages of Hybrid CPL which adopts an exclusive high-transmittance polarizing film with a polarizing rate of 70% to make the color closer to what the human eye perceives, Hybrid CPL is just as bright as your protector. The most distinguished upgrade is the color tone of polarizing material of  Pure Hybrid CPL, unlike Hybrid CPL that gives the works a sense of serenity and calmness, which also corrects Asians relatively yellowish skin color tone and make the portraits become brighter. The NEW Pure Hybrid CPL is more neutral and clear that faithfully retains the rich colors of work with extremely low color cast. It also enables the post production easier to get true-to-life colors, making it more compatible with next-generation hundreds megapixel high resolution cameras.

The exclusive high-transmittance and light-polarized design makes it the only polarizer in the world that can be used as a protector filter!

*49mm~62mm with a normal black frame.


  • Double-sided anti-reflective coating with exclusive polarizing material raises transmission to 63% with reflectivity below 0.6%.
  • Double-sided anti-smudge nano-coating is hydrophobic, stopping moisture and mold.
  • Made of tough Schott B270 glass that can protect your lens.
  • Antistatic coating keeps dust and fibers away.
  • Super slim 6mm shock-absorbent aluminum rim reduces vignetting with a wide-angle lens.
  • Anodized blue aluminum rim treated with non-stick Teflon, easy to remove.
  • Frame’s thread design fits lens caps of all makes.
  • Covered by the world’s first warranty and repair service for filters.

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