STC iMagFilter magnetic iPhone filter adapter

What is included,

  1. Aluminum Magnetic filter mount adapter*1
  2. Aluminum iPhone lens protector frame with Tesa adhesive*1
  3. Multi-coated Circular Polarizer Filter 58mm*1
    (Standard: STC multi-coated CPL; Professional: STC Super Hi-Vision CPL)
  4. Portable iMagFilter pouch*1

Compatible Filter thread size: 58mm

The magnetic filter adapter mount is compatible with standard threaded 58mm filters, including CPL, (Variable)ND, CineMist filters, and other special effect filters.

Please visit our offical-site to check filter availability.

We will soon introduce a functional filter kit for star, flare, or radiant effect that comes with a storage case, so you can experience where your creativity takes you to on your iphone.

Camera Compatibility
Compatible with iPhone 13, 14 and 15 Pro/Pro Max four models, please note iPhone 13、14 and 15 don’t share lens protector frames for sizes vary.

Made of,
6061 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy manufactured with precise CNC machining.

Adhesive material,
German tesa® high-temperature, high-strength durable composite tape

Thermal shock,
Be cautious with extreme cold or hot weather, it may affect the adhesiveness between the protector frame and rear camera cover glass. If your mobile drops and the protector frame falls off, please paste back again soon and press and lay for a while to use again.


<Please start watching thisYouTube review video from 12:00 for the installation and usage scenarios. >

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