The new STC Astro Urban Sky LRGB filter is the world's first anti-light pollution, ultra-low halo RGB monochromatic filter and has been designed for shooting astronomical deep-sky objects in areas with heavy light pollution such as urban spaces.

The STC Astro Urban Sky SHO Filter can also be included to emphasize the characteristics of nebulae and reveal the unique bright colours of celestial bodies.

The new filter arrives to deliver enhanced results for astrophotographers everywhere, extending the amount of exposure, boosting the colour channel to achieve the highest contrast and stunning images with relative ease.


  • Easy to use with ordinary digital or cool CCD cameras.
  • 0.5mm Schott B270 optical glass can absorb and dissipate heat to prevent fogging.
  • Super flat surface so you can capture clear images even when shooting at 8K and with 1200mm high-magnification telescope lens.
  • Unique anti-reflective film stack design to reduce hallo and ghosting, less prone to fogging and rapid heat dissipation.
  • Double-sided anti-smudge nano-coating is hydrophobic stopping moisture and mold.
  • The packing rings are use for assisting filters to fixed in filter plates, it bundled with 31,36,50,50x50mm filter packs, can also buy a spare.
  • Covered by the world’s first global filter warranty and repair service. 
Supported Size 1.25"
31mm frameless
36mm  frameless

48mm  Rear threaded

48mm  Front and Rear threaded
50mm frameless
50x50 square
Threaded pitch 1.25" : 0.7
48mm : 0.75
Frame height(without  threaded)
48mm  Front and Rear threaded:0.4cm
48mm  Rear threaded:0.15cm
Place of production TAIWAN

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