The Taiwan "Dream Team," sponsored by STC, officially competed in the Malaysia Superbike Championship at the Sepang International Circuit at 2024/5/12 afternoon, achieving an impressive second place in Group B!

May 14, 2024 2 min read

STC sponsored the "Dream Team," representing Taiwan, for the second time in the GP50 race at Japan's Motegi Circuit in 2019. The team competed with the liter-class BMW M1000RR, capable of accelerating from 0-100km in less than two seconds, a feat that is truly impressive. International racing is a challenge that combines technology, discipline, skill, and belief, not to mention the considerable financial investment required. As representatives of Taiwan, STC is committed to providing support, including brand representation on the vehicle's body and tail.

Location: Sepang Circuit, Malaysia
Date: May 13, 2024 (Sunday) 14:55 (+8:00) - Main Race
Livestream Link: #stcoptics #stc_taiwan
Congratulations on the podium finish! Car A secured second place in Group B with a time of 2:14.588!

Regarding the MSBK race sponsored by STC:

As the saying goes, "troubles never come alone." The race cars arrived in Taiwan but were held up at Malaysian customs due to container issues, causing delays until Tuesday night, May 7th, when they were finally released from Kuala Lumpur customs.

Wednesday: Everyone started unpacking and assembling the two cars early in the morning.

Thursday: Nearly half a day was spent preparing and fine-tuning the car systems, leaving only one practice session.

Friday: New issues arose with the vehicles and settings! After resolving the problems, they hurried to the track, managing fewer than 10 laps of practice.

Saturday: During the first race, heavy rain poured down halfway through, and despite dropping from third to fourth place due to unfamiliar rules, the team remained determined. As a former racer myself, I understand the frustration of facing setbacks... I reassured them that safety was the priority and that it was okay to complete the race. STC doesn't expect them to win first place; representing Taiwan on the world stage alongside other countries' elites is already fantastic!

Sunday: In the second race, our youngest team member, James Lee (number 24), held his ground under pressure and overtook his opponent in the final lap, securing second place in the B group. Achieving this result for the first time amid various difficulties and stringent conditions was truly uplifting and heartwarming for everyone!

Supplementary Information:

MSBK stands for Malaysia Superbike Championship, which serves as a qualifying event for the Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC), Asia's largest racing event. The purpose of organizing MSBK is to establish it as a prelude or qualification round for ARRC. Through MSBK results and rankings, participants can qualify for the ARRC.

This prelude allows riders from the Asia-Pacific region to train, adjust their vehicles, and gain practical experience in international racing. Apart from local Malaysian riders, participants also come from Thailand, Indonesia, Macau, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, and other regions, making it a showcase of world-class motorcycle racing!

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