What is a Clip Filter

Clip filters specially designed for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Pentax, Olympus, and Panasonic models reduce the color shift that can occur with wide-angle lenses using interference coatings. Suitable for lenses of focal length 14mm* and above.

專為 Canon、Nikon、Sony、Fujifilm、PENTAX、Olympus、Panasonic 等特定機款所設計的 Clip Filter 內置型濾鏡,能減少在干涉式鍍膜玻璃在廣角鏡頭產生光譜偏移的狀況,能適合 14mm* 以上焦段的鏡頭使用。

Frames can mount all kinds of filters, such as our Astro (light pollution) series; IR-Pass (590nm/720nm/850nm); UV/IR-Cut (595nm/610nm/615nm/625nm/635nm); and ND16, ND64, ND400, and ND1000 neutral density filters as well as our range of protective filters.

藉由精緻的外框設計,可搭配使用各式功能鏡片如 Astro 光害濾鏡系列、IR Pass 紅外線通過濾鏡 (590nm / 720nm / 850nm)、UV-IR CUT 紅外線截止濾鏡 (595nm / 610nm / 615nm / 625nm / 635nm)與 ND16、ND64、ND400 及 ND1000 減光鏡、感光元件保護鏡等,使攝影玩家能恣意創作.

Internal clip filters specially designed for Canon (full-frame DSLR / APS-C DSLR); Nikon (full-frame DSLR / APS-C DSLR); Sony (full-frame MILC / APS-C MILC); Fujifilm APS-C MILC); Pentax (APS-C DSLR); Olympus (M43 MILC); and Panasonic (MFT) models. The filters are not affected by differences in lens diameter and can reduce color shift around the edges when using wide-angle lenses.

專為 Canon (Full-Frame 全片幅單眼 / APS-C 單眼)、Nikon (Full-Frame 全片幅單眼 / APS-C 單眼)、Sony (Full-Frame 全片幅無反單眼 / APS-C 無反單眼)、Fujifilm (APS-C 無反單眼)、PENTAX (APS-C 單眼)及 Olympus (M43 無反單眼) 、Panasonic(MFT)等相機所設計的內置型濾鏡,裝置在相機機身內部。使用上不受鏡頭口徑差異限制,還能減少搭配廣角鏡頭拍攝時影像邊緣產生光譜偏移的狀況.

For a complete list of our available variants, see our Available Cameras and Lenses page.

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