Sensor Protector Clip Filter Series for Sony A7IV、ZV-E1、A7CII Camera

Want to be ready for any lighting condition without bulking up your kit? Our clip filter is a natural fit. STC has engineered a clip filter that fits perfectly in the Sony A74、ZV-E1.

Our patented inlay design has been upgraded so that you can quickly swap out the right filter as your shooting conditions change. 

For clip filters for other Sony cameras:


  • Patented glass inlay design means the filter will not become distorted under stress or expand or contract due to temperature changes
  • Frames are specifically designed to for each camera manufacturer. Easy to mount and swap out. 
  • Double-sided anti-smudge nano-coating protects your filter and your sensor.
  • Antistatic coating keeps dust and fibers away.
  • CNC machined aluminum alloy which is non-magnetic and durable.
  • Covered by the world’s first global warranty and repair service for filters.

    About This Product


    • Please purchase a Adhesive gaskets  if you plan to use the same clip filter on the A1, A7SIII, A7R4, A7R5, A9II, FX3, A9III. You can find it in the drop-down list.
    • As each manufacturers lens design is different, blurring around the edges may occur with some fisheye or super wide-angle lenses. This is normal.
    • After you mount the clip filter, autofocus for you camera will automatically adjust to the change in optical axis.
    • Please check the Supported Camera & Len List before purchase.